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Our Values

1. Collaboration

We are all on the same team and we care for each other.
We work in good spirit and do our best to maintain harmony among departments.
We believe that cooperation is essential to achieving and maintaining optimum performance.

2. Honesty

We are truthful and transparent, expressing views openly in all directions. We do not misrepresent anything to anyone.

3. Integrity

Our word is our bond.
We conduct business in an ethical and honest manner and do the right thing even when no-one is watching.We live up to our values and make no compromises

4. Respect for the Individual  & the Company

We accept and value individual differences. We empathize and support others and treat them as we would like to be treated. We contribute to a "no blame culture" that recognizes not only success but effort as well.
We have no tolerance for any form of bullying or discrimination.

5. Diligence

We go the extra mile.
We are results focused and work effectively utilizing the capabilities of our team to the maximum.
We demonstrate accountability and resilience.

6. Preferred Partners

We selectively work with and strive to be the preferred partners of those who bring value to our company and its shareholders;  by contributing to safe, reliable, no-risk transport worldwide and the finest experiences for all.


Chief Executive Officer