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Andriaki Shipping celebrates Gender Equality across the Organization – Tribute to Dimitra Dandolos

Dimitra became familiar with life at sea from a very early age as her father was a Master Mariner with Ceres for almost 40 years, out of which 20 years were spent at sea

Looking back, she recalls that the family of a Captain shares its challenges but also ‘opens’ new windows through travel, which broadened her mind in a way that working ‘globally’ was the only option. And what better way to do this than shipping, whilst having a Greek Master as a mentor?

Dimitra went to school in Athens until elementary level whilst high school years were taught in Singapore where her family moved following her father’s promotion. Law studies in London followed where Dimitra also worked as paralegal for a solicitors’ firm specializing in maritime disputes for a variety of Greek clients.

She remembers that relocating to Athens in 2001 was rigorous as she wanted to join a shipping company and in particular the insurance and claims department but previous similar experience was required. She applied to approximately 100 shipping companies until a corporation operating 50 bulkers at the time recognized her eagerness to ‘come onboard’ and offered her a position.

From a new perspective, Dimitra became re-acquainted with life at sea, understanding the significance of collaboration between shore and ship staff and finally realizing that these huge machines almost come alive by mankind so that products are safely carried from one place of the world to another.

Having gained valuable experience Dimitra applied for a job opening at the Piraeus office of an IG Club and soon became a claims executive handling all types of claims and disputes.

When she first joined the Club, the advice that she got from a well-respected and experienced colleague was that “a good claims handler is able to attend an emergency crisis meeting and bring calmness to all attendees”.

Thirteen years later and after having handled claims worth millions, Dimitra felt that it was time for her to move on. Grateful for her time at the Club and the support of all her colleagues, a change in Dimitra’s personal life triggered also the need for a change in her professional life. 

Dimitra joined our group in January 2019 as Insurance and Claims Manager. By the end of 2019, she was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors of the IG Club she used to work for, representing our company.

Dimitra confessed that the everyday challenges of being a single working mom are immense and work-life balance is as an ever-changing equilibrium, but also feels secure working within the spectrum of our company’s ethos, trust and loyalty; which in her view are the qualities first shown to the employees