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Andriaki Shipping has been in the frontline of the Greek and global shipping for the last sixty-three years.

This is a remarkable achievement and comes as a result of the human factor and their high company operating standards. Andriaki Shipping was founded in 1953 by Nikolas J. Goulandris as part of the NJ. Goulandris Group. The Goulandris family, with origin from the island of Andros, has a long tradition in shipping which began in the middle of 19th century.

The offices and the main activities of N. J. Goulandris Group initially were based in London and the crew management was done from Piraeus. Progressively from 1992 until 2008 all the activities moved from London to Greece, starting initially with the technical department and with the operation department following suit.

Today, Andriaki manages two VLCCs (built in 2001 and 2009) and four Suezmax (built between 2010 and 2012). Recently the company ordered from STX in Korea four LR1 that will be delivered in 2017.

It should be noted that Hydroussa Navigation which manages a fleet of nine Kamsarmax bulk carriers with an average age of 4 years, belongs also in the N.J. Goulandris Group.

Mr. Dimitrios Korkodilos, CEO and Mr. Panos Kourkountis Technical Director of Andriaki Shipping commented on the latest developments of the company and the new challenges of shipping market.

What are the more important comparative advantages of your company in the difficult and exigent sector of tankers?

It is a fact that Andriaki Shipping since 1953, the year of its foundation, works only with the most reputable charterers implementing high standard of operation. Consequently we are strict in following safety rules and adopt charterers’ requirements at the earliest. The personnel and the crew are safety conscious and adapt the new regulations and the instructions of the company easily.

We use innovative technologies for monitoring the ships machinery and performance in order to operate the ships economically and efficiently.

The great assets of Andriaki are its officers and the crew which have been developed within the company and participate decisively in its growth. The management is focused on the harmonious coexistence of the old and new generation; the personal ties that have been created between the personnel make a family like environment within the company.

As a result of the excellent working conditions and good relation between the office and the ships, the crew retention rates are among the highest in the industry.  We do not poach our crew from the market, we create it. As a company we are very demanding from our crew. We have a system of smooth and meritocratic promotions of the officers and we offer continuous training and education. Investing in the education of our seamen we give them the tools to develop their full potential and capabilities.

Describe the policy of chartering out the vessels?

We follow a mixed policy of chartering, with long-time contracts but also with spot market exposure. For instance the LR1 tankers on order are already committed on a long term time-charter with reputable charters.

Andriaki has long-lasting relations with the oil majors & state owned Oil Companies that audit and approve the company before being entrusted with the transport of their petroleum.  The excellent historical safety and performance records render the company as one of the most reliable partner of the Oil majors.

Can you forecast the tanker market in 2016?

It would not be prudent to express our expectation for 2016 with any certainty. There are numerous factors that influence the tanker market that are changeable and impossible to be un- anticipated.  The course of the market will be determined by the price of oil as well the geopolitical factors. In any case the prices of the newbuilding tankers have remained stagnant since the available deliveries are after 2018 and the shipowners are uncertain about the market going forward.

How do you approach the environmental and energy saving issues?

All the new ships of the company were designed taking into consideration the protection of the marine environment and the saving of energy.  At the same time we have adopted procedures for the optimum planning and execution of the voyages.  On the ships we have installed systems that give us vital information regarding the horsepower and the consumption of the engines, the hull resistance and other data that is essential for the fuel saving and the efficient operation of the ships.

The environmental technology is not only useful for the conformity with the regulations but can also offer technical advantages

Do you believe that the international stock-markets and the private

The entrance of private equity funds and capital emanating from the global stock-markets has changed the face of ship finance as well as the traditional role of the shipowner. Ship values have fluctuated at a greater pace, as good markets have attracted excessive capital influxes, whereas sustained depressed markets lead to an abrupt withdrawal of capital. Andriaki Shipping remains a proponent of the traditional shipping market. We are not interested in unsustainable growth and we are dedicated to the quality values of the company.

The new generation of the company has the heritage of a good name and tradition to protect.  Of course we are open to co-operations with external partners but these should be based on the principles of our company, on the preservation of the good and sincere relations with the charterers, on the qualitative services and on the respect of the seamen that as we said constitute the most important investment of our company.

How Greek shipping can contribute more to the growth of the Greek economy?

The Greek shipowners aim with all their activities to help the Greek economy. Apart from the import of foreign exchange and the employment of many people in the shipping companies, the Greek shipowners have invested in tourism, banks, culture, media and one could say almost in everything.

The Greek administration is called upon to utilize the national capital that is called shipping know-how. Create the conditions that will protect the Greek shipping from the international competition and will attract even foreign shipowners to Greece. Piraeus can become the bigger shipping center in the world.

Legislation toward the opposite direction is not in the national interest as weakened Greek shipping does not benefit the country.


source: ELNAVI magazine (January 2016 / No 505)