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Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd. Announces Change of CEO

We would like to announce that June 30th 2021, was the last day that Mr. Dimitrios S. Korkodilos was holding the CEO position in Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd.

His long career within the company was one interconnected with the development of the company itself.

Dimitrios S. Korkodilos joined NJG Group in 1979 right after completing his military service; undertaking a “trainee superintendent engineer” position in the Technical Department.

At that time NJG Group was based in London, UK.

In the fall of 1980 he went to Japan, in order to supervise the building of the aframax tanker IONIA, at the Hitachi facility in Innoshima.

He returned to NJG Headquarters in London in 1981 only to stay for a short period.

Towards the end of 1981 he returned to Japan where he stayed until 1988.

He spent these 7 years supervising New Building projects, performing numerous vessel attendances and managing NJG’s office in Japan (Andriaki Osaka).  

He returned to NJG Group in London in 1988 as a Superintendent Engineer in the Technical Department of the company.

In 1991 he moved to Andriaki, the Athens office of NJG Group, as Chief Superintendent Engineer.

Since 1995, when NJG Group moved its representative office to the northern Athens suburb of Maroussi, Dimitrios S. Korkodilos has been holding the Chief Executive Officer position.

During these years, his contribution has been instrumental, not only to the growth of the company but also to its well-established reputation for ethos and excellence.

Dimitrios S. Korkodilos is held in high esteem far beyond our corporate structure, as he has been the representative of NJG Group in Greek and International Shipping Communities:

- Chairman Intertanko Hellenic Mediterranean Panel

- Chairman GL Greek Technical Committee

- American Bureau of Shipping Society


- Technical Committee of Union of Greek Ship Owners

- Lloyd’s Register of Shipping

- Korean Register

- Marine Technical Managers Association

Although today is a turning page for our company, we are very proud that Dimitrios S. Korkodilos will preserve the long standing bonds and maintain a relationship with the NJG Group into the future on an advisory basis.”

Thank you, Dimitris for your hard work and integrity.

NJG Group Management